Ruger 10/22 Charger Build List!

Here are the parts I used to build my “Mini Chongus” 10/22 Charger. This list may change as time goes on and I add or change parts. Some of these links are affiliate links, and will help the channel. Thank you for your support!!

Primary Arms Red Dot Sight-

10/22 Trigger Springs-

Farrowtech Adapter-

Published by Nick

Nick is an avid shooter and 2nd Amendment content creator with 20 years shooting experience. You can usually find him testing guns and equipment at his range on his property, or creating video content to help others enjoy the shooting sports as much as he has over the years.

3 thoughts on “Ruger 10/22 Charger Build List!

  1. Nick, I have a question for you. I have a Kimber Ultra Carry II 45 ACP. I haven’t completed my breakin number of rounds yet. Tried some Hornady 45 Auto+P 230 gr XTP ammo and about every other round jammed. Using my micrometer the over all length of the Hornady round is 1.25 inches. The length of the 230 gr FMJ round I have been using without issue is 1.266. I do not know if the length difference is the issue. What personal defense round have you found that works well in the Kimber Ultra Carry II?


    1. Hey Gregg, 1911’s are notorious for being somewhat picky eaters when it comes to jacketed hollow points, as the gun was built around using round nose FMJ. That being said, I found the Federal HST rounds to work pretty darn well. It’s my opinion this is due to the more conical nature of the bullet’s profile, as opposed to a more squared off hollow point opening like the XTP projectiles. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I’d recommend a more rounded nose profile. I know this is a bad time to get picky about brands and bullet types, but that’s what I had the most reliable function with. I hope that helps!


      1. Thank you!! It is not only hard to figure what will work, but who has it in stock. I will start searching retailers in my area tomorrow. I haven’t seen any Federal 45 ACP at any of the retailers near me. I will begin a new search tomorrow. Might have to look at mail order.


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