CZ P10-C Review (after 1,500+ rounds)

First, I would like to offer an apology for my negligence in writing articles for this blog. I have gotten distracted by creating content for my YouTube channel, and the various responsibilities of fatherhood. I will try to begin writing more frequently again, as I find it much more cathartic than making videos. That being said, if you haven’t already, do me a favor and check out The Hungry Handgunner on YouTube. I’ve put in a lot of work on the channel over the last year. The link to the video review is below:


Over the years, we have seen many polymer, striker fired handguns emerge with both subtle and overt claims to the Glock throne, particularly the Glock 19. It is, and has been the reigning champ for years, and will likely remain so. The size of the Glock 19 strikes a healthy balance between duty and concealed carry. A magazine capacity of 15 just works. Accessories for the Glock 19 abound- most holster makers have a Glock 19 model in their lineup, magazines can be found in most gun stores, and being chambered in the world’s most popular pistol cartridge, the 9×19, doesn’t hurt either.

But this article isn’t about the Glock 19. The CZ P-10C may just be the closest thing to a “Glock Killer” that I have run across. I picked the pistol up over the summer with the intention of giving the gun a whirl, and then likely trading it off for something else after I had a chance to review it. What started as startled admiration for the handgun, turned into a quest to see how hard I could push it. I had heard the comparisons, and now I wanted to see if this relative newcomer to the CZ lineup had what it took to dethrone the King. In my humble opinion, it absolutely does, and more.

Coming in just a hair larger than the Glock 19, and slightly heavier (We’ll get to why in a bit) the P-10C has better ergonomics, 15+1 capacity, my model came with night sights, and the single best striker trigger I’ve ever experienced out of the box. Many of my friends with custom Glock builds have dumped an extra $150-200 into their Glocks to get a trigger close to the stock trigger of the P-10C. It features a very crisp break, not too much pre-travel, and no over travel that I noticed. The reset is very positive- both tactile and audible. The sights are metal- a very nice change from the polymer affairs Gaston’s blasters ship with by default. Mine have 3 tritium vials and I found the tritium to be adequate for low light situations.

Sights on the author’s P-10C are metal, with tritium in all 3 dots.

Where the gun truly shined for me was shooting it. I found the very aggressive grip texture to provide a very secure hold on the pistol, even with very sweaty hands in the Georgia summer. I never felt as though I was going to lose my hold on the gun. While a very aggressive grip is a quality I love in a handgun, particularly a defensive on, I recognize that others may not prefer the texture. It truly is aggressive. The mini pyramid like shapes on the front strap and back strap do a good job of digging into the hand and holding the gun in place. It may not be something you like, so I’d recommend trying one out before committing to the purchase.

Notice the pyramid-like shapes on the back strap- these help hold the gun securely in your hand when firing.

When you disassemble the pistol, it becomes readily apparent why the gun is a couple ounces heftier than the Glock 19. This pistol’s internals are beefy. Everything made of metal in the gun just feels and looks much more robust. Is it needed? I don’t feel qualified to say, but I can tell you that the P-10C does have a fully supported chamber, which has been a point of aggravation for many Glock shooters in the past. Speaking of disassembly, the procedure for taking down the P-10C is identical to the Glocks. Two takedown levers rest above the trigger area, and you pull back lightly on the slide before engaging these.

After about 750 rounds through the pistol, I made the decision to start carrying the gun. My accuracy was better with the P-10C in a week than it was after years and thousands of rounds through my Glocks. When I decided to start carrying the gun, I wanted to see if the P-10C would fit my Glock 19 holsters since the dimensions were so close. Turns out I had some success. The pistol fit my Lucky Coyote appendix setup like it was molded for it. It did not fit my Safariland OWB holster however. I discovered that the trigger guards are slightly different, so the ALS on the Safariland couldn’t properly engage the CZ.

The P-10C in my Lucky Coyote appendix holster molded for a Glock 19 with the Olight PL- Mini 2. I highly recommend Lucky Coyote for your holster needs.

At the time of this review, I have over 1,500 rounds through the P-10C. In that time, I have had two malfunctions, both while using Tula steel cased ammunition. One was a failure to eject, the other was a failure to fire. The failure to fire was not the result of a light primer strike, but rather a faulty primer on the round, as I could not get the round to fire, even after trying it in a different 9mm pistol. Using brass cased ammunition from a variety of manufacturers, I experienced zero issues.

I’m hesitant to officially declare the P-10C a Glock Killer at this point, simply because aftermarket support is simply not on the level of the support for Glocks, and likely wont be. But in every other way, the CZ takes the cake for me. It includes several features that Glcok should include, in my humble opinion, and delivers them for between $100-$150 below the Glock 19’s price.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I will try to get more written reviews out as time goes on. If you would like to support the work I do, please consider supporting me on Patreon. I am completely viewer and reader funded, which enables me to provide unbiased reviews without being “bought” by gun and accessory companies. Thank you for reading! Stay safe, and keep shooting.

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